Highlights From SOAR 2013



SOAR 2013




Last week I had the opportunity to lead worship at the SOAR conference in Dallas, TX.  I’ve had the opportunity to lead at SOAR for several years now and the friendships and memories created have become a regular highlight of my summer.  This years conference was no different.  This years theme was Discipleship, a topic dear to my heart and in my opinion a topic that is crucial for our churches.  There were a lot of memorable moments this year, here are a few things that stuck out to me. . .


1)  Every believer in Christ is called to a life of discipleship.  You don’t have to be a “super Christian” to live a life of discipleship.  The model for discipleship is pretty simple –> Follow Christ, our ultimate Discipler, intentionally seek out more mature Christians to pour into your life, and find fellow believers that you can invest your life in.

As simple as this is, so many believers are not involved in the discipleship process.  In the words of Donny Parish, “You can’t be mature in Christ without buying into discipleship.”  

2)  Community can’t be overrated.  I’m reminded over and over that one of the most powerful tools in God’s plan to shape us is community.  When a group of people that are seeking God individually get together powerful things happen.  Community and Discipleship go hand in hand.  The group of friends that I’m in community with at home are having a huge impact on my walk with Christ.  The band (co-leaders) that I was privileged to lead with at SOAR was just an extension of the community in my life, and it’s no surprise that God continued to work in and through us as we led people in worship.  I’m so thankful for the talent and heart of each of these friends and their families.  Thank you Jake, Kim, Klayton, Brandon, Wes, and Schwill.

SOAR band



3) Grace.  During the final night session of SOAR as Donny Parish invited the students to respond to God’s call on their life I had a flashback to the night I committed my life to the ministry.  As I replayed that night in my mind I realized that very night was the 10 year anniversary of my commitment to ministry.  Crazy!  The more I thought about the last 10 years I was blown away by God’s gracious work in my life.  It was a surreal, sweet, and humbling moment.

2 thoughts on “Highlights From SOAR 2013

  1. What an encouragement Aaron! God has surely used you to spur others on to his mission for their lives-including mine. All of us around you are more effective followers of Christ because of your obedience 10 years ago!

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