About Me


Aaron Couch

I’m a worship pastor from Little Rock, AR.  I have a wife, Mallory, and a son, Michael West, who are ridiculously awesome.   I love taking adventures, reading good books, and having great conversations.  I’m a wanna-be endurance athlete, and some times a coffee snob.  I hope to share some ideas and generate important discussions through this blog, all the while encouraging each of us on our journey.  It’ll be no fun without you, so please, read along.

5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hey Aaron. I really enjoyed all of your bands’ performances at camp!! You inspired me to use my singing voice to worship God better and more often. I really hope that I can attend another one of We TheUnion’s amazing performances again.

  2. Hi Aaron, my name is Ben. The highlight of my summer every year is going to SOAR. The worship and fellowship there is unlike any other youth conference that I have ever been to! The worship there is one of my favorite things about SOAR. I am a photographer, and I brought my camera to SOAR and took one great picture of you guys. (One because most of the time I was worshiping, but that one turned out great) If you would like to see it, just send me an E-mail.

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